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I’m A Recovering Pharisee

July 31, 2010


For much of my life, I have struggled with pride. As many of my readers may know, pride within it’s self is a sin because pride is outside of the will of God. There have been many times throughout my life where I have determined something to be wrong, or to be labeled a sin, […]

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

September 21, 2009


It is a rather old phrase isn’t it? “Don’t put your cart before the horse!” I admit, I’ve always dismissed people who used this phrase as old timers and honestly, I did not understand the reasoning behind this phrase until now. When you are invited on a journey toward Jesus, something amazing happens: you change. […]

Get ‘Churched’

October 13, 2008


Matthew Paul Turner is the kind of up and coming author you want to get into. Turner has the ability to take the negative things in Christianity, flip them around and bring humor in the unfortunate way things are. His first book, The Christian Culture Survival Guide, took heartfelt slams at all things Jesus: testaments, […]

Could This Be A Tradition? part 1: Blessing Of Food

May 29, 2008


Early in the morning, several years ago I was listening to a local DJ on the radio. This DJ is probably the most famous morning show host in our area. Constantly making comedic observations and creating chaos on our streets. On this particular morning, his comedic observation proved to be very thought provoking to me. […]

The Truth About Gospel Tracts

April 21, 2008


Before writing this blog, I feel that I need to teach anyone who reads this blog what a “gospel tract” is. If you have had no experience in the Independent Baptist movement then you probably have no idea what these things are. A gospel tract is pretty much a small pamphlet that usually features a […]

It is just comedy!

April 8, 2008


Rewind to two weeks ago. I arrive at college just in time for New Testament class. I get out of my car to be confronted by one of my classmates. He approaches me in question of the Eric Cartman (from South Park) stuffed figure in my back window. We discuss back and forth as he […]