Confessions part 2

Posted on January 26, 2011


It gets in the way of my faith when… Christianity start to look like a culture of its own. I feel like we have seriously lost our way in America. Christianity has become less about knowing and loving Jesus and much more about culture. Personally, I genuinely follow Christ but I don’t fit the cookie cutter mold. In order to explain let me demonstrate some conversations that I have had with fellow believers who are sucked into Christian culture.

Fellow Believer: Hey, have you heard that awesome new Mercy Me song?

Me: No, I haven’t.

Fellow Believer: Aww man! They play it over and over on Klove.

Me: I don’t listen to Klove, it puts me to sleep.

Fellow Believer: How can you not love Klove? It is so awesome to hear such positive music on the radio.

Me: I like positive music but Klove just seems bland to me.

Fellow Believer: Well what positive song do you suggest?

Me: That new Katy Perry song, Firework, it is so inspirational.

Fellow Believer: Oh, I don’t listen to that kind of stuff. Besides, she is gross, she sang a song about kissing a girl.

Me: *Walks away*


Fellow Believer 2: I know you follow politics, how do feel about Mike Huckabee?

Me: Well, I met him once. Seems like a nice guy. I have to disagree with him on wanting to repeal healthcare.

Fellow Believer 2: Well someone has to fight against the liberal agenda, it is so anti-God.

Me: Well I just don’t see as to how the liberal agenda in itself is anti-God. I actually consider myself to be a liberal.

Fellow Believer 2: They are just blinding you Jason. I don’t see how you can be a Christian and not fight for the conservative worldview.

Me: Well, I believe that the conservative worldview trumps up corporate America in order to stomp on and feed on the flesh of the poor.

Fellow Believer 2: Well the Bible says that the poor will always be with us. Plus those liberals want abortion to be legal!

Me: Well I don’t believe the abortion debate is black and white. There are many factors involved. The Bible also says that we are to strive toward the kingdom of God. Which means we look after the poor.

Fellow Believer 2: It is the Christians job to care for the poor, not the government.

Me: If every Christian stepped up, there would be no poor. The problem is that we Christians refuse to get off our butts and do anything, myself included. We Christians have had over a thousand years since the founding of America to properly care for our poor. We have failed. Therefore someone has to enforce it.

Fellow Believer 2: Wow, your ideas are really messed up. I am going to pray for you brother.

Me: I’ll do the same for you… *walks away*

I know this has been a slightly irreverent blog. However, I am trying to emphasize the point that Christianity needs to be less of a culture and more spiritual. We should be an amazing spiritual body full of differing ideals. You should never walk into a church and see only people who vote ONE way and listen to only ONE type of music. Variety is essential. Variety reflects how God made us.