music review: “Born Again” by Newsboys

Posted on July 15, 2010


This album is probably one of the best Christian albums to come out in a while. Yet, that is not saying much. The Christian music industry has really failed within the past 10 years to provide the listener with something fresh and current that can compete with mainstream top 40 radio. Let me explain…..

I heard the Newsboys live a few months ago and thought that they really were going to change the course of the industry. Their live performance with new frontman and former dcTalk member, Tait, was amazing (they even covered a Black Eyed Peas song). However, this recording does not do the band justice. Songs that were pumped up live, are calm and mellow on the album. I really think the production value of this cd was centered toward the soccer mom type Christian family. This was probably done in order to gain radio airplay on stations such as K-love. I would share my opinion on Christian radio here but there are plenty bloggers who have already been critical of the “K-love” styled radio format.

The cover of ‘Jesus Freak’ which was amazing live, falls short on the disc. KJ-52 pretty much ruins the rap verses of the song. Perhaps my view on this stems from my prejudice toward Christian rappers. I think Christian rappers are like Christian comedians… it just can’t work because it is too squeaky clean.  I would like to suggest that there be no more remakes of ‘Jesus Freak’ without a reunited dcTalk being the ones to make it.

All in all, I know the Newsboys are great guys. I have met several of them, I even met Tait during the time where dcTalk were crossover successes and I know these people are genuine. Hands down, they need to fire their producer and a&r rep.