Posted on June 21, 2010


You might say that I have been missing in action here lately. I guess in some aspects I am. I certainly have not had much time for blogging and sharing my views on this online platform. I have been extremely busy working a summer internship at a local Southern Baptist church. I am gaining experience and learning things that I can hopefully apply to my future career in ministry. Currently, I have jumped in offering my assistance in bus ministry which has been a major eye opener for me. It has caused me to see the needs in my own community!

After the summer, who knows what the future will hold. I am updating my resume and need to send them out. If you know any churches or ministries in the triad area who needs to hire please keep me informed regarding that. I can work in most every aspect within the church. I have speaking experience as well as experience in youth ministry, children’s ministry, college ministry and outreach ministry.

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