Hope You Are Wearing Steel Toe Boots Because I Plan to Step On Your Toes

Posted on May 13, 2010

Recently I attended a service at a church that was not my home church. At this service, a famous Christian speaker spent an hour preaching. His sermon became less and less about Jesus and the Holy Scriptures and more and more about the evils of Obama.  Now, I openly admit to being somewhat of a liberal so I am more than aware of the brand of persecution launched by many evangelical groups that seeks to leave those who lean left in their thinking on the outside. Yet, the sincere fact of the matter is that neither the right nor the left offers resolutions that are consistent with the scriptures. In example: the left typically leans toward abortion and the woman’s right to choose while the right typically leans toward big business and supports financial injustice in the world.

I would like to use those two above examples from each political spectrum and offer a solid solution; a solution that would allow Christians to put aside politics and focus at the real matter at hand. My simple solution is a command to change hearts.

We as Christians continually try to regulate Christian morality by means of law. The Christian Right wants limited government intervention except when it deals with abortion. If the government told doctors how much they can charge for a procedure it would be considered a loss of freedom. Yet, if the government tells doctors that they cannot perform a procedure (abortion) it is considered heroic. Now, us on the left want the government to intercede on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. That would be nice but there are deeper issues going on in America.

People are no longer seeking after God. Hands down, this is the cause for all the problems addressed by both political spectrums. If people loved God, they would not except a multimillion dollar salary for overseeing a company; at least not without giving a majority of that back to society. If people loved God, they would not kill their unborn children. If doctors loved God, they would charge the bare minimum that they needed to charge while at the same time refusing to kill an unborn child.

Everything comes back to the heart of the matter. We have forgotten our calling as Christians. We would rather spend more time trying to change policies through politics than by addressing the heart issue. Honestly, fixing our country’s problems would be done more easily through politics. Still, rather than taking the lazy way out we should regain our calling to make disciples. If we can seek to change people from the inside out, our problems would all dissolve.

Something else that I would like to point out is the toll that talk radio and opinion based news broadcasts are taking on our faith. It is a sad day, when someone as divisive as Glenn Beck is the commencement speaker for a major Christian university. On what Biblical authority does he come and take such a platform? Is it possible that opinion based news has become an idol to us? Have we came to a place where we quote conservative (or liberal) talking points more often than we meditate on the beauty of God?

In closing, I would like to offer a challenge to my Christian friends. So many times here as of late people have said to be in regards to social justice: “Jason, you don’t get it. The Bible says there will always be poor people. There is nothing that can be done about it.” Well, my final answer to this statement is simple. Sure, there always will be poor people. The Bible also says that there will always be those that oppose God. So does that mean that we should stop trying to make disciples? Should we close all of our churches and just give up? I think not! So I would also think that we would do all we could to fight injustice.

Rather than leave this blog post open to comments. I would ask that you step back, re-read what I said here and pray about it.