Harris Teeter Beef, buyer beware!

Posted on November 26, 2009


Tonight we were going to partake in our usual night before thanksgiving tradition. We usually take extremely lean ground beef, mix it with onion, stuff it in a pita and top it with cheese to make our pre-thanksgiving meal. Well, I was awakened to a horrible sight when I cut open my roll of 93% lean beef that I purchased yesterday at Harris Teeter.

This 2lb roll of Harris Teeter brand beef was encased by a thick layer of pure fat. The core of the roll was also nothing but a solid chunk of fat. This brings up several concerns to me. The first concern is the fat content. Can we really trust any fat content labeling of meat? Many people are on tough diets for heart conditions. Those very people must have the leanest cuts of meat possible. Are those people being falsely informed? My second concern lies in the packaging process. If this large chunk of meat can pass through the packing line without being caught; what else could make it’s way into my package of meat? Is it possible that foreign objects could make their way into my meat? My third concern lies in the attached nutritional information. Government standards require this to be accurate. Obviously in this case, the nutritional information was not accurate.

I want to know what happened here. I want a response from Harris Teeter regarding this meat.

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