What A Week!

Posted on October 26, 2009


Tuesday (10/20/09): Me and Liz took off to Charlotte early in the day. We started our journey at Super Target and then headed downtown (or uptown as Charlotte natives refer to it) where we shopped at Trader Joes, West Elm, Marshalls and Target (again). Then we headed to South Park mall where we ate lunch in the food court. Then we browsed in all the fine stores where Liz spent tons of cash. We then headed downtown toward First United Methodist and hung out there. We met a nice young man who had been attending these Tuesday night worship services. We got the opportunity to hang out with him and chat while providing him with a meal as he was hungry and had no money. I don’t say this to brag on the actions of my girlfriend and myself; I simply want people to be aware of who they are surrounded by on a day-to-day basis. There may always be someone there who has no food, they might not have the courage to ask anyone for help. As Christians we must remember to be on the alert and help those when we see a need. After this meeting we found some other folks in line to speak with while we waited for Pastor Mike who was driving the church van in which my parents were riding. Once everyone was there, we convinced them to join us in line. We then went into the church once doors opened and were fortunate enough to hear the great Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz speak. After the event, Liz grabbed a place in line and we got the opportunity to meet him and I was able to get my copy of his latest book signed.

Saturday (10/24/09): We went back to Charlotte with my whole household and Liz too! We spent most of the day in IKEA where we made many purchases that we absolutely did not need to make. We then went back to Trader Joes as it is my favorite grocery store and there was much that I wanted for my diet. (As a side note, my city does not have a Trader Joes and thus we are not a ‘real city’.) We then went to a church in Salisbury where we attended a Carman concert. I would elaborate on the event, but I will not. I will just simply say that a lot of bad theology was preached.

Sunday (10/25/09): We got up and went to church this morning. We grabbed some food and then headed out to the Jewish festival. It was an exciting event and I would encourage each and every one of you to attend next year. My favorite part of the day was being able to go into their sanctuary where the Rabbi explained about their faith, symbols, their Torah scrolls, etc.. It was completely interesting and if you are a Christian you have to experience something like this. It is so important to know where the origin of your faith lies; to see what kind of culture Jesus came into and established his Kingdom on top of.

Weight Loss Update: I would also like to point out that between me, mom and dad; this family has lost 80 pounds total. Myself, I have lost 34 pounds. That is a lot of weight. 80 pounds is pretty much the weight of a middle school student. I am impressed with the kind of weight loss that can be achieved by healthy eating rather than fad dieting.

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