Ban Against Penguins?!

Posted on October 1, 2009


I was prowling the internet today looking for the flavor of the day. Then suddenly I found an article about of all things: gay penguins. It appears there is much controversy about a book about two male penguins who are raising a young penguin. Just in order to clear things up, I am a Christian however; I do not believe that my religious viewpoint should dictate the society around me. My views on homosexuality are simply that, my views.

Oddly enough, the penguins discussed in this book truly are gay and they truly reside at the Central Park Zoo. I find this funny in light of the fact that as young evangelicals we are brainwashed to believe that homosexuality has never occurred in other animals. Again, I am not saying I condone homosexuality, I am simply making a point.

The matter that I want to focus in on is the matter of banning books. If we as Christians continually take the time to form protests against specific books; do we have time to do what we are truly supposed to do? Tons of children die each day from hunger and abuse yet, we  are more concerned with banning a book  about gay penguins  than with helping these children. Seems kind of silly to me.

Just as a matter of fact, you know what Jesus would do? He would give of himself to those people who write the very books we want to ban. Jesus never attempted to meet a spiritual need without first meeting a physical need. Need proof? Maybe it is time to crack that Bible open and read through the Gospels.

Other than the unChristian behavior exhibited by those who want to ban books; think about how it makes us look as Christians. We totally have our work ahead of us as we try  to make sure  that those who we serve don’t view us as “THAT type of Christian.” Hands down, Christians who protest against books (or anything for that matter) make the rest of us look like ignorant religious zealots.

Just something to think about.