Christianese (part 1, of many)

Posted on September 30, 2009


I find it funny, and disturbing at the same time the use of Christianese in regular conversation. I have usually been a person to have friends from many different worldviews. I will agree that each person might have specific words or phrases that they use in everyday speech that might have origins in their worldview. No words have been more odd than those used by Christians. I really wish someone would put together an official Christianese dictionary. I would be up for a co-authorship! Yet, good luck getting that book in your local Christian retailer.

Allow me to take this opportunity to share with you, a couple of new words that should be labeled as Christianese.

Wrestle, verb. To closely examine a tough passage of scripture to such a point that it is taking an emotional and spiritual toll on the reader. “I am really wrestling with Matthew 23, I think I might be a Pharisee”

Authentic, adj. A word used to describe a sincere, original yet status quo church or ministry. “Hey man, you should check out my church this Sunday, we are totally authentic. We sit around drinking coffee and we have a pretty good band and on Fridays we go to the local bar to talk about God and stuff.”

Awesome, adj. A word that once belonged to the California skate community now used to describe God. First penned as an appropriate Christian word by the late great Rich Mullins. “Dude, my church is awesome, we worship an awesome God, Jesus is so awesome man.”

…more to come.

Are there any words  that you feel should be categorised as Christianese? Feel free to share them in a comment.