Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Posted on September 21, 2009

It is a rather old phrase isn’t it? “Don’t put your cart before the horse!” I admit, I’ve always dismissed people who used this phrase as old timers and honestly, I did not understand the reasoning behind this phrase until now.

When you are invited on a journey toward Jesus, something amazing happens: you change. Change is not instantaneous nor is it always constant. Yet, in our Christian society so many times we expect people to change prior to coming to Jesus. We forget that humans have a sin nature and that apart from Christ there is no morality.

So many times we tell people to clean up their lives before they commit to Jesus. “Oh, you just have to stop drinking.” or “You need to stop cheating on your wife” are things we say to people. We are not inviting them to know Jesus, we are  already telling them how to live their life. We are asking them to show fruits for no reason at all!

A church that I am no longer a part  of tells people to dress modestly when visiting their church via their website. They seem casual and inviting yet, are destructive in attitude. Now, why would someone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ dress modest to come to a church? What is the significance of modesty to someone who is in an unsaved position? Is this not putting the cart before the horse?

Besides, it is not very inviting to an outsider if your church website is already telling people how they should dress!