Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Posted on May 8, 2009


Is It Too Late To Apologize?

Recently, me and a friend from my past were having a coffee at a local cafe. The subject of Jerry Falwell came up in our conversation and we decided something. If we could take all of the talking heads who represent Christianity on a worldwide level and separate their political / moral opinions from their ministry work then all would be well. However, it is utmost impossible to do this.

Recently, James Dobson made some more comments about homosexuals in regard to the hate speech bill. I don’t need to open up a discussion on that as many other bloggers have already opened that can of worms.

Donald Miller details in his memoir Blue Like Jazz an event in which a confession booth was set up at a liberal festival. People would enter the booth and Christians would then apologize to that stranger regarding Falwell, political Christians; they even went far enough back to apologize for the crusades!

So let me ask this… Is it too late to apologize? Has enough damage been done in the name of Christ that we cannot undo it? Certainly I want to do everything that I can to undo any thing negative that has been done in the name of Christ. Anyone that I meet in person, I always make it clear that I am not one of ‘those Christians’ when they bring up Robertson, Falwell and the like.

I hope that we begin to turn a new leaf. Thirty years from now, I’d love to see a Christianity that is more concerned with sharing the love of Christ with people than giving an opinion on CNN. For now, I’ll continue to make it clear who I am when I am engaged in conversation with someone outside the Christian faith. ….I’ll also be sure to apologize for all the things fellow believers have done to turn others away from Christ.

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