Spirituality According to Family Guy

Posted on December 23, 2008


Family Guy is not typically the show that one would go to for spiritual insight. Sure it is sometimes lewd and inappropriate yet, occasionally the writers of the show can take the viewer for a ride.

In a recent episode Peter (the main character) runs into Jesus Christ at a used record store. Jesus is working there and claims to be there to just check up on things here on earth. However, no one notices that it is Him besides Peter.

This has got me thinking. If Jesus came back just to check on things (now, the second coming would be obvious to us believers.. don’t get me wrong).. but if Jesus came back and attempted to blend in within our culture, would anyone notice Him?

Would conservative talking heads doubt His sovereignty because he is not waging war on the middle east?

Would extreme liberals doubt His validity because he does not approve of their sin?

Would the legalistic people run and hide when they realize that Jesus never meant to uphold their agendas?

This is all speculation but I really think that the average person (Christian and non-Christian) would be astounded at the real Jesus when they encounter Him.

Just some thoughts to mull over this holiday when we are thinking about the incarnation of God’s Son.

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