It Is Upon Us

Posted on November 20, 2008


It is finally that time of the year. The time of the year where I try most to avoid Friendly Shopping Center, Four Seasons Mall and all of West Wendover Avenue is upon us.

People become insane earlier and earlier each year. They become so focused on what gifts they are going to buy and what deals they are going to grab. Therefore, in the mad rush they drive as if they are not blessed with a brain between their ears.

“So what Jason? You have just stated the obvious, deal with it.” That is what most of you are thinking in your head or saying to your computer. Well let me explain…..
Christmas becomes a time where instead of loving our fellow man, we push them aside on black friday for a $3 mixer or toaster. We blow our horn at those who don’t immediately accelerate once the light turns green. Should it be this way? I think not.

Christmas is about a resolution between God an man. A bridge of salvation that would only be possible because of Christ’s incarnation.

Now, I am not anti-gift. However, when you are out shopping, please remember to love one another. Also remember that love is not based on the amount of money you spend. The economy is in the crapper and honestly there are people who could use your money to fight poverty, aids, etc.. Does your dad really need that piano key neck tie? Probably not. There are creative gifts you can buy. For around $100 you can purchase a cow for a village to provide them with year round milk! Just search online and find something creative.

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