Hard Rock Weekend

Posted on July 1, 2008


This past weekend we loaded up the van and headed out dog-early Friday morning to Myrtle Beach.

First stop at 10:45am was HARD ROCK PARK. We were there for the whole day until 12:30 after midnight. I am not going to lie to you here. This day was probably the greatest day of my life. Not only that but as a fan of rock music I can tell you this is the greatest theme park to ever be built. From the time you walk in the door you get this sense of quality that most parks do not offer. The employees go out of their way to be friendly. (As do most Hard Rock employees working in the cafes.) In many cases the employees may be more friendly than Disney employees. This park sure gives our other semi-local park, Carowinds, a run for the money. There is absolutely no comparison between Hard Rock Park and Carowinds. Hard Rock Park has better food, better people, better rides and is an overall perfectly clean theme park.

After being greeted by the metal bear family, we began our journey at the park by viewing a video presentation that was half about the history of rock music and half about the Hard Rock branding. In the pre-show area they had a video playing that talked about the condemnation of rock n roll by religious authorities. I found it to be quite hilarious and at that point knew this was going to be a great day!

From there we went to a Jamaican style indoor food counter for lunch. I enjoyed some fried chicken tenders dipped in jerk sauce. Brilliant food idea for those who are hungry in the beach/reggae theme area of the park.

We attended several shows within the park. The beach party show was a little lame. However, the drug references and stunts made it a little less lame. Then on the complete other side we attended the roadies stunt show which was highly entertaining. The show featured acrobatics and a crap load of pyrotechnics.

From there we rode the 3-D ride Nights In White Satin. This was a slow paced ride themed with the Moody Blues song of the same name. The whole ride is made to resemble an acid trip. This was a very entertaining attraction. Sadly, it breaks down frequently and remained broken most of the day. Our first ‘trip’ on this ride was our one and only.

On to the section of the park I dislike the theme of the most… The country section of the park features a cow figure named Billy. Someone in another location controls the cow’s speech and water shooting action. The cow responds to the park guest’s actions and responds to whatever the guest says to it.

After some more exploring my parents took a break by going to the condo. Me and Liz decided to ride the Eagles’ rollercoaster. This is a basic mine train track layout. However, Vekoma international built this ride to be a lot more smooth than the average mine train. Also, this ride does not feature any mountain theming as it is just a basic coaster. Once the ride begins, “Life In The Fast Lane” by the Eagles’ blares out through speakers in the train cars. This is a small reminder of Disney’s Rock N Roller coaster. The indoor portion of the rider features shadows on the walls in the shape of moving rats. The outdoor portion of the ride ends with an explosion of fire before pulling into the station. As for the ride itself, you pull two different types of G forces. You feel a pulling force on many of the twists and dips. Then on one dip toward the end of the ride you feel the pushing force that pressures you down into your seat. Overall this is probably my favorite coaster outside of Disney World.

We were fortunate enough to be able to ride this coaster twice during the day and then a countless amount of times around midnight.

Then we attended NeedToBreathe’s 5pm concert at the park. We arrived early to sit on the front row.

On from there, my parents rejoined us to eat at the park’s only sit down dining experience: “Alices Restaurant.” This was a folk music themed diner centered around folk styled food. I enjoyed boneless fried chicken w/ gravy that came served in a frying pan with mashed potatoes. This was quality food and considering we were in a theme park was not too pricey.

From there we grabbed our seats for NeedToBreathe’s 9pm concert.

NeedToBreathe played an excellent set on both occasions. They switched up the songs for each set so everyone was sure to hear their favorite songs. After the 9pm set I had photos taken with some of the members.

At 10:45 it was time for the Hard Rock Park fireworks around the lagoon. The themed show is set to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Not only does it include fireworks and explosions but there are also some awesome lazer lights along with the giant electric guitar playing all the notes. If you want to see how amazing it is go to youtube and search for the Bohemian Rhapsody fireworks show.

After the fireworks I did some more shopping and we took many spins on the Eagles’ coaster. We even talked mom into riding the ride twice. Many times we were able to just stay on the ride and ride through each time!

After a little more shopping it was time to leave the park and head back to the condo.

On Saturday morning we went to the breakfast buffet at the House Of Blues which was simply amazing. Then we did some shopping and stopped by the actual beach. After that we returned to the condo to catch some afternoon sleep. Then more shopping and dinner before coming back for our night’s rest.

Sunday was a sad day as we had to return home.

One thing I have learned from my two recent trips to the beach is that I must move to the coast. Yes, I love big cities and hate Greensboro because it sucks. Though Myrtle Beach is not a big city, I can still see whatever bands I want at the House Of Blues, right? The real reason I must move to the beach is for my overall happyness. For some odd reason I am so happy down at Myrtle Beach. My whole personality just feels friendlier. So thus, one day this guy will live at the beach.

This is a long blog for a small amount of information. For that I apologise. Fun times, right?

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