Spirituality According To Mr. Gump

Posted on January 23, 2008


I wrote this a few days before Christmas…
if anyone has any ideas to complete this piece please let me know through a private message…..

“Life is like a box of chocolates..” Yea, you know where I am going with this. It is probably one of the most famous and over recited lines from motion picture history. Forrest Gump believed this statement, learned from his momma, to be true. Life is not exactly like a box of chocolates. However, I can say that there is a chance that life is like a chocolate covered cherry.

Its that time of the year. Chocolate covered cherries fly off the shelf at any variety store in town. Lets face it, those things are darn good. There are two different types of these confections (which by the way, need to be marketed year round). Sometimes you buy the cherries that consist of a thin layer of chocolate covering a thickness of cherry flavored goo which is surrounding a sweet, overly preserved cherry. Then there are other times when you buy the cherries that consist of a thin layer of chocolate surrounding a cherry swimming around in runny cherry syrup. So yea, gooey or runny; the two types of chocolate cherries.

So you may be asking “gee how does this relate to my life?” or “how can you reduce me down to a confectionery product?!” Here is how.

Sometimes as Christians our insides are frozen. We become basically a cherry filled with a solid goo. When affliction comes our goo, or love, still stays needly inside without budging. When we are harmed or faced with difficult trials we find it so hard to love. Sometimes as Christians our insides are runny. This is a good thing. When we are afflicted with problems or trials our love leaks out. This is ideal. Still though both types of cherries make up the selection of chocolate covered cherries. Similarly, both types of Christians still make up the body of Christ. This is not always the constant. Sometimes no matter what type of sweet substance is covering the cherry there can be a problem. There are a few times, which are rare, where we put that cherry into our mouth and simply enjoy it. Until we bite down and feel the hardest tooth damaging substance ever to exist. Due to a manufacturer’s error, a cherry pit is occasionally left within the cherry at the core of the chocolate covered cherry. No matter how much love is or isn’t being poured out, a deep hard pit can still remain at the center. This pit represents the lack of Christ in the life of the so called Christian. No matter how much love is pouring in or out of a Christian, Christ has to be at the center of life.

During our life here on earth. We should seek to remove the pit from our lives. This pit prevents divine change from occurring. When this pit is not in your life, love of Christ will fill the place where the pit once stood. Even though Christ is there, no one can say for sure what should or shouldn’t be pouring in our out of our lives. Ideally, if Christ is in your life, you should have love pouring out. However sometimes people are so damaged that the pit remains and it can take tons of time before it is replaced. Sometimes Christians struggle with love and remain gooey. Yet as time goes on and we truly know what Jesus asks of us through the red letters we must be runny. Allowing love to run out. So life, is like a chocolate covered cherry.

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